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McDonald’s emotional advert for summer: “Holiday Love”

The McDonald's campaign presents us with a tender summer love story

Anuncio de McDonald's | Holiday Love

The McDonald’s advert is titled “Holiday Love” and is a sweet summer love story.

Ahh the summer… those endless afternoons in the swimming pool of the campsite, of some relatives, of some friends. Going on an adventure, meeting new friends and living life in the moment. An intensity only comparable to the blow of reality when September arrives.

And of course, summer love. That boy/girl who awakens the butterflies in your stomach, with whom you would go to the end of the world despite your parents’ anger. That’s the premise of McDonald’s advert for this summer. A special story in a campsite that shows that love can conquer all.

“Holiday Love” is the title of the McDonald’s advert in the Netherlands. It has been created by the TBWA Neboko agency and TBWA X in Amsterdam, produced by Pink Rabbitt and directed by Emma & Israel. In it we see how a young employee meets an English girl who is enjoying the holidays with her family. She has a deafness problem that, although it prevents her from understanding the young man verbally, it does not prevent them from starting a friendship.

Thus, the main couple lives multiple adventures in the light of the moon. They bathe in a lake, ride a motorcycle and escape to the disco. And of course, they have a romantic date at McDonald’s which they arrive at after a funny confusion with sign language.

According to Stijn Mentrop, Marketing Director of McDonald’s Netherlands: “McDonald’s is there for everyone. And that is exactly what this campaign represents. After Covid we have learned to understand each other again and to be open to new connections. We can go out together another Once, everything is possible, and that feeling that summer gives is not comparable to anything. Summer is for sharing and our fries are perfect for those special moments.”

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