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McDonald’s advertising campaign to awareness about dyslexia

The last McDonald’s advertising campaign in Sweden wants to awareness about the dyslexia.

It is to admire the commitment of the big brands to take advantage of any celebration to carry out communication campaigns. In this, both McDonald’s and Burger King are experts. Now, to commemorate the world day of dyslexia, McDonald’s has wanted to contribute its bit to awareness of this learning disorder. This disorder affects about 20% of the world’s population, and is rarely mentioned in the media.

For this, they made an outdoor advertising campaign with all the means at their disposal. Advertising in airports, displays in malls, opis in bus shelters and the screens of the premises. In them all the texts that appeared were alternating and thus putting us in the skin of those who suffer from dyslexia and their problems to read.

Several actions were also carried out in the brand’s restaurants. The on-screen menus also changed letters to make it difficult to read. In addition, they gave a children’s book that explains the story of a child with dyslexia to bring this reality to the little ones.

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