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Who sing the McDonald’s Christmas Commercial Song? [2022]

One of the most anticipated Christmas campaigns presents a great song

Canción del Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's | The List

Whose song is played in McDonald’s Christmas commercial “The List”?

The Christmas commercials of this 2022 are already being released and one of the most anticipated is the McDonald’s Christmas commercial. “The List” is a traditional Christmas story in which we will meet Alfie, a boy who writes his first letter to Santa Claus. He with the excitement he will write a list of several pages that he will not be able to control and will lose at the last moment. In the end, Alfie will be left with what really matters.

The piece has been directed by the Leo Burnett agency and directed by Tom Hooper, winner of the Oscar for “The King’s Speech”. The McDonald’s commercial plays with the classic codes of Christmas stories, accompanied by an emotional song. But… Whose song is McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2022?

The McDonald’s Christmas song is a cover of the well-known song “Only You” by the British duo Yazoo released in 1982. The version of the McDonald’s christmas advert is sung by Becky Hill, a singer who rose to fame for appearing in the first series of the then BBC talent show “The Voice UK”.

A unique voice to perform the theme song for the McDonald’s 2022 Christmas advert: The List.

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