The world’s smallest McDonald’s only for bees

The world’s smallest McDonald’s only for bees just opened.

Bees are one of the most important insects we have on our planet. They are the most important pollinating agents of the ecosystem and, nevertheless, their extermination is increasing. The use of toxics and industrialization are some of the reasons why we have fewer and fewer insects on the planet.

To celebrate World Bee Day, McDonald’s wanted to pay tribute to them. They have created miniature restaurants aimed at these insects. A project created by the NORDDDB agency in Sweden, when it was detected that many hives had been installed in the brand’s restaurants.

Thus, the restaurants of McDonald’s for bees have all the luxury of details: terraces with tables, McAuto, advertising spaces and even a totem with the logo of the brand. An initiative that aims to strengthen the company’s commitment to the sustainability of the planet.

In total 6 “McHives” have been installed (as they have called it) and consist of a wooden hive made by an artisan. The goal of McDonald’s restaurants for bees is to serve as a home for these insects. The initiative has been so successful that many restaurants of the brand want to join the initiative.

Via | Lavanguardia

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