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The fun Monopoly advert encourages us to bring out the competitive spirit

The Martin Agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Monopoly | All is Fair

The Monopoly advert invites us to bring out our most perfidious side when playing.

On a Sunday afternoon in any house, the tranquility ends when Monopoly is taken out. The historic board game passes through generations thanks to its basic premise and remains unchanged, offering hours of fun and… discussions.

Aware of this, the Hasbro brand, property of the game, has carried out an advertising campaign that encourages us to bring out our most competitive streak when playing.

“All is fair in Monopoly” is the title of the Monopoly advertisement created by The Martin Agency. The campaign delves into the most ruthless feelings that we have all ever shown while playing Monopoly; and wants us to take them to the extreme in each game.

The campaign is made up of two advertisements, in the first we see how an 8-year-old girl becomes an evil landlady who evicts her pregnant mother and warns the other tenants. She, without any mercy, bores down on her tenants with a coldness that scares even her mother. The other Monopoly ad features a corrupt grandmother working at a bank. She steals the money that the clients deposit without regard to the rest of the players.

According to Brian Baker, vice president of Hasbro Gaming: “Our new brand positioning capitalizes on the idea that playing Monopoly allows us to enter unapologetically into a world of opulence and villainy that we would otherwise consider a morally gray area. We are willing to take ownership of that truth and embrace the cruelty that Monopoly unleashes on its fans.”

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