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Nike’s powerful advert for the Eurocup: “Never Settle, Never Done”

The campaign premieres on the occasion of the Eurocop 2022 that is celebrated in the UK.

Anuncio de Nike | Never Settle, Never Done

Nike’s advert for Euro 2022 vindicates women’s football and the power it is acquiring at all levels.

That women’s football is booming is something that is obvious. Every year that passes, the visibility is greater, the stadiums are filled and the new generations of fans have new references. It is a matter of time before everything explodes. At the moment the brands are positioning themselves to get a piece of the cake.

And even more so with the arrival of Euro 2022, which is held in the United Kingdom. This is the case of Nike, which wants to confirm its dominant position at the advertising level that it acquired with that fantastic “Dream Further”. And he does it with a campaign full of strength.

“Never Settle, Never Done” is the title of Nike’s advert for the Women’s European Football Championship. It is the work of Wieden+Kennedy London, produced by French Division and directed by Valentin Petit.

The campaign wants to reflect the growing interest and quality that women’s football is acquiring. To do this, they use a rapid succession of images that combine street football, grassroots football and the new world stars. Featured in the ad are players like Leah Williamson, Alexia Putellas, Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Dutch freestyler Rocky Hehakaija.

According to Rocky Hehakaija, on participating in the Nike commercial: “Being a part of this commercial is a dream come true. I grew up watching these great Nike commercials and imitating them on the street with my friends. Nike is showing the world that women’s soccer has great force and has come to stay”.

The agency, in a statement: “The achievements made by women’s football cannot be overlooked or minimized. But basking in the glory that the game has achieved cannot breed complacency. We must continue to aspire to more. More professional opportunities for women in the world of football, more investment, more access to all levels of the sport and more visibility in the media.”

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