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The Nike Air Max commercial with Haaland, Drake and Billie Eilish

Nike's internal agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Nike Air Max | Feel the Unreal

The Nike Air Max ad is titled “Feel The Unreal” and celebrates the 10th anniversary of Air Max Day.

The Nike Air Max is one of Nike’s most popular sneakers. Created in 1987 by Mark Parker and Tinker Hatfield, they revolutionized the North American market by placing a visible air chamber in the sole, something never seen before.

Now, 33 models later, Nike presents its new iteration, the Nike Max Dn. And it does so with a campaign where we will see cameos from athletes like Haaland and musicians like Drake or Billie Eilish.

“Feel The Unreal” is the title of the Nike commercial created by the American multinational’s internal agency and produced by The Division. The brand thus celebrates the 10th anniversary of Air Max Day.

The piece tells the story of Max, a sleepyhead who has a hard time getting up. When he does, he notices that he is late for some important tryouts for the high school basketball team. When he puts on his Nike Max Dn, he leaves quickly to arrive on time for his sporting event.

That’s when the Nike Air Max ad is shown in all its glory. With spectacular special effects we will see how Max climbs buildings or walks through the waters of a pool. Along the way you will meet brand ambassadors such as athletes Erling Haaland, Sha’Carri and Richardson or musicians such as Drake and Billie Eilish.

The Nike Air Max ad plays to the rhythm of “Praise You” by Fatboy Slim and was filmed in Budapest by the production company Division.

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