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NotCo’s disturbing advert against big food brands

The Gut agency has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de NotCo | Not So Happy Animals

The advertisement by NotCo, the company of food products created from plant components, appeals directly to large food brands.

Society advances and evolves, and we increasingly tolerate less and less practices that cause suffering for animals. There are many companies like Heura or NotCo that are dedicated to creating foods from plant components. And their advertising campaigns need to raise awareness among those consumers who are still reluctant about their products.

This is the case of the NotCo advert, which appeals directly to fast food chains where cows, chickens or pigs are represented with a happy appearance. An advertisement that wants to stir consciences to cause a change in our diet.

NotCo Advert | Not So Happy Animals

“Not So Happy Animals” is the title of the NotCo advert made by the agency Gut and directed for the Mexican market. The company specializes in food products created from plant components.

The piece reviews in an ironic way and through a song, all the brands that have happy animals represented in their logos or products. A satire of society in which, in order to show animals in a happy pose, they are mistreated in order to make that product.

NotCo’s announcement also informs us of the central axis of the campaign, the website where, if we access from our mobile, we can scan those products that contain “happy” animals in their packaging. The animal will come to life through augmented reality and convey its message with a song.

According to Lou Mckerrow, VP and Global Head of Marketing at NotCo: “To change the conversation about where our food comes from, we chose to bring this simple, and slightly disturbing, insight to life in a fun way. Our company’s DNA is to revolutionize the food industry and we are very happy that this interactive campaign serves as a channel for dialogue with consumers.”

For his part, Ramiro Rodríguez Cohen, General Creative Director of Gut: “A campaign with these levels of irony and such simple insight is not common. The solution to this was the creation of the application, whose mission is to provide people with the necessary tools to actively participate in the campaign and make the exchange process more accessible through a discount platform.

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