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On Running’s motivating advert: “Run for each other”

The brand launches its campaign for the World Athletics Championships

Anuncio de On Running | Run for Each Other

The On Running ad highlights the spirit and determination of all runners around the world.

If there is a sector where there is no room for more motivational advertisements, that is undoubtedly sports footwear. We all know the best Nike campaigns and the best Adidas adverts; but the brands with less advertising investment are also looking for their place in the competitive world (pun intended) of sports.

This is the case of On Running, the Swiss sportswear brand has launched its campaign for the World Championships in Athletics held in Eugene, Oregon. An ode to the spirit and determination of the runners.

“Run for Each Other” (“Run one for the other”) is the title of the On Running ad made by the AKKURAT studios agency. The piece lasts 90 seconds and represents the path to the elite of eleven runners of the acclaimed athletics club On Athletics Club (OAC). The idea is to emphasize that the individual will always improve if he has better people than the one next to him: “No matter how good a runner you are, you will always be better with a team.”

The On Running advert has been shot on 35mm and multiple older cameras and film formats. That nostalgic look at the past reinforces the spirit of these athletes who, despite competing individually, do many training sessions together.

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