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The Orange Christmas advert and the confined snowman

Anuncio de Navidad de Orange | Together Season

Orange’s Christmas advert celebrates “Together Season” with a moving story of a confined snowman.

Restrictions during the pandemic have limited things like mobility and family reunions. As the impact of Covid-19 diminishes, people little by little return to wanting to have as normal a life as possible.

Leaving confinement and restrictions behind is one of the goals of Orange’s Christmas advert, which tells the emotional story of a snowman who has lived in confinement.

“Together Season” is the title of the Christmas advertisement for Orange, made by Publicis Conseil in France and directed by François Rousselet. In it he tells us the story of a snowman who is secluded at home during the hot months, impatiently awaiting the arrival of Christmas. Orange seeks to reflect the joy of society at the reunions that will take place after two strange years.

According to Publicis Conseil: “The campaign symbolizes the months in which the brand and its devices have been present by our side to maintain the bond in the professional context or on a more personal level, it makes our true reunion even more magical.”

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