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Whose song is playing in the Peacemaker Opening Credits?

TV Advert songs have always played an essential role in the world of advertising. Large groups have become known thanks to putting their song in an advertising campaign, and it is rare that a good song has not triggered the sales of that product.

But the music in the adverts is still a commercial claim for us to consume a product. Whether it’s a physical product like a car or a phone or an audiovisual product. In the digital age, where currents of opinions can make or break a product, it is essential to pay attention to detail.

This is the case of the HBO series “PeaceMaker” directed by the famous director James Gunn, and which has emerged as one of the best series of 2022. Part of the reason for the good reception by the public is the opening credits of the tv show. But who sings the PeaceMaker opening credits song? Let’s find out.

PeaceMaker’s opening credits song is the work of Wig Wam and his song “Do Ya Wanna Taste It”. Wig Wam are to blame for PeaceMaker’s catchy song. This Glam Metal group was formed in Halden, Norway in 2001. They have released 5 albums, the last one in 2021. Their achievements were participating in Eurovision in 2005 and placing ninth with their song “In My Dreams”.

PeaceMaker’s opening credits song has been a breath of fresh air for the group, which enjoys a second youth. The catchy song has gone viral and everyone wants to know more about the Norwegian group and Glam Metal, so present in the series.

The PeaceMaker series is characterized by having illustrious representatives of Glam Metal on its soundtrack, such as Cinderella, Hanoi Rocks, Reckless Love, Mötley Crüe, a whole shot of energy for one of the best series of the year.

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