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The enigmatic Porsche campaign for its new electric car

Electricity Talks, de Porsche

The Porsche campaign prepares us for the arrival of its electric model.

Automobile brands knows that the future is electric. They are already moving to launch their most iconic cars in electric format and many plan to have their entire electrified fleet a few years away. The Tesla effect has had an effect and the Elon Musk company has acted as a changing agent in the industry. Do not miss the fantastic article that we dedicate to the marketing and advertising strategy of Tesla to understand the reason for its success.

Well, brands like Nissan, Renault, BMW, Hyundai / KIA, Peugeot, Citroen and Opel already have most of the electric models and the remaining brands plan to have the entire fleet by 2025. Although they still have a high price and do not have many recharging points, the manufacturers have initiated the change.

The brands rub their hands with the new positioning they must acquire in the future. The creative and marketing departments are excited to publicize their new models. One of these departments is of Porsche. To present its new electric model, gives us an enigmatic advertising campaign: #ElectricityTalks.

The Porsche campaign focuses on different parts. The first of these has been to hang a mysterious video in which we see the London Eye retransmit a message in morse code. This code was of the same electricity that asked Porsche to “take it out” to the street. A conversation between energy and brand that was channeled through social networks through the hashtag #ElectricityTalks.

Then launched another enigmatic ad on the Hover Dam in the United States. The new Porsche electric models arrived to ask the electricity if it was ready to “feel” again. The campaign has been created by the German agency Grabarz & Partner to present the new Porsche electric model: the Taycan.

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