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Purina commercial with Robbie Williams and Felix the cat

AFG and Craft Worldwide have carried out the campaign that is broadcast in 25 countries

Anuncio de Purina | Robbie Williams y el gato Felix

The Purina commercial introduces us to a stellar duo: Robbie Williams and Felix the cat.

In advertising campaigns we’ve seen everything from Bruce Willis playing Doraemon to Arnold Schwarzenegger as Zeus. But if there is any collaboration in particular that surprises, this is the one starring Robbie Williams and Felix the cat for the Purina commercial.

The popular mascot of the brand, present in numerous Purina packaging, is the co-star of the advertising campaign with the famous singer Robbie Williams.

“It’s great to be cat!” is the title of the Purina commercial created by the AFG agency and produced by Craft Worldwide. It has been directed by Marco Grandia collaborating with the Inkubus studio, in charge of the animation.

The Purina commercial is a piece that combines animation with live action and introduces us to Robbie Williams and Felix the cat as an artistic duo. The story tells how they both prepare before going out to sing on stage. The song is titled “It’s great to be cat!” and is made up of the British singer, although during the show it will be Felix the cat who steals the limelight.

According to Rebecca Marshall, Purina’s Senior Brand Manager: “The campaign is a true celebration of what Felix stands for: fun, mischief and entertainment. It will raise the bar for the brand with its audiences and we think Robbie and his iconic voice are a perfect fit.” for us. For the first time we have used different approaches across various channels, including collaborations with YouTube and with TikTok, which will be complemented going forward with different brand experience activations.”

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