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Sainsbury’s Christmas advert: “The Big Fella’s Christmas Dinner”

The New Commercial Arts agency debuts in the Christmas campaign as the brand's new agency

Anuncio de Navidad de Sainsbury's | The Big Fella's Christmas Dinner

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert asks what a Santa Claus Christmas meal would be like.

The Christmas commercials of the English supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated of the year. Every year it delights us with magical stories and impactful advertising campaigns.

Not in vain, he has one of the best Christmas advertisements to his credit, the classic “1914” where the British and Germans agreed to a ceasefire on Christmas Day. Or one of our favorites, “Every Bit of Christmas.” Now, the brand is wondering… What would a Santa Claus Christmas meal be like?

“The Big Fella’s Christmas Dinner” is the title of the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert. It has been carried out by the agency New Commercial Arts, which won the account in April.

The piece begins with a girl picking up a bus in a supermarket to ask an awkward question about Santa Claus. When everyone fears the worst, the little girl wonders what a Christmas meal for Santa Claus would be like. Relieved, everyone begins to imagine what good old Santa might like.

Little by little a Christmas table is being made with the suggestions of Sainsbury’s employees. We even have a stellar appearance by the famous singer Rick Astley, author of the song “Never gonna give you up.”

This is the first Sainsbury’s Christmas advert to have starred the chain’s employees. Emma Bisley, Sainsbury’s Campaign Director, said: “Our role is to help customers enjoy a very special Christmas, especially when it comes to food. “We have created a campaign that highlights the work our colleagues do in stores across the country whilst also highlighting the new additions to our Taste the Difference range.”

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