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“Point of View”, the shocking Sandy Hook Promise ad

Sandy Hook Promise | Point of View

The Sandy Hook Promise ad is a shocking story about the shootings that occurred in American schools.

Sandy Hook Promise is an NGO that was founded on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. The tragedy left twenty children and six employees dead. The organization was born to prevent violence with firearms in schools.

In 2016 he surprised everyone with “Evan”, one of the commercials of the year. In a brilliant editing and storytelling exercise, we hid the warning signs to detect a possible shooter in the schools.

The commercial was crowned as one of the best of the year for its original proposal and immediately viralized by the networks. Now, the NGO launches a campaign that drinks a lot from that first one.

“Point of View” is the Sandy Hook Promise ad that has been nominated for one of the commercials of the year in the Emmys. The piece is directed by Rupert Sanders of MJZ and continues the work started with “Evan”. In the new commercial we are following different characters on a normal school day. The road to it, the entrance, the corridors, … and the looks, that give us away that the plans place us in the point of view of the shooter ..

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Spot 'Evan'

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