Spotify and Barilla playlist to cook your pasta: “Playlist Timer”

Playlist de Spotify y Barilla

Spotify and Barilla playlists last between 9 and 11 minutes, the time it takes to make pasta al dente.

There are many brands that use Spotify in their marketing and advertising strategy. The most popular music streaming platform allows for very creative actions if used correctly. We have seen many examples, such as the alliance with McDonald’s or the innovative KFC campaign on Spotify.

Well, now it’s food brand Barilla, which has teamed up with Spotify to create a series of playlists that last as long as it takes you to make your pasta. An original action that serves as a timer and an ideal soundtrack while they are cooking that pasta to eat.

The Spotify and Barilla playlists are a tribute to those users who love to cook. The campaign has been created by Publicis Italia and the lists have been created combining four of the most popular genres of the transalpine country and some of the most consumed pasta in the country. These are spaghetti, linguine, fusilli, and penne rigate, which mix popular songs with lesser known ones. Among the artists we can find Emiliano Ponzi, Van Orton, Alessandro Baronciani, Mauro Gatti, Carol Rollo, Nicola ‘Nico189’ Laurora, Fernando Cobelo and Andrea Mongia.

The Spotify and Barilla playlists last between 9 and 11 minutes, time in which the pasta is cooked and is al dente. There are eight playlists that will allow us to enjoy the time it takes from when the water boils until the pasta is done.

Simply Classics Linguine: Great music classics performed by artists like The Smiths or The Beach Boys. The illustration has been created by Andrea Mongia.

Top Hits Spaghetti: Shawn Mendes appears in this playlist that lasts as long as Spaghetti N.5 takes to cook. Illustration by Carol Rollo.

Pleasant Melancholy Penne: A good selection of international indie songs. Cover illustrated by Fernando Cobelo.

Boom Bap Fusilli: A playlist with Hip Hop songs to cook with for 11 minutes. Illustration is by Nico189.

Timeless Emotion Fusilli: Great classics of music as a soundtrack. Cover illustrated by Emiliano Ponzi.

Best Song Penne: Good pop songs from artists like Dua Lipa or Harry Styles to cook the Penne Rigate N.73. The illustration is by Mauro Gatti.

Moody Day Linguine: An indie playlist that lasts the exact time Linguine N.13 cooks. Cover illustrated by Alessandro Baronciani.

Mixtape Spaghetti: Spaghetti No. 5 cooks to the beat of Hip Hop in 9 minutes. Illustration by Van Orton Design.

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