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“Steal my fries” McDonald’s commercial celebrates the return to the routine

Anuncio McDonald's | Steal My Fries

“Steal my fries” is the title of the McDonald’s ad that celebrates the return to routine.

September is the time to return to normality. The school year begins and with it the whole country gets underway. With the majority of the population vaccinated, 2022 is expected to be the year of return to normality. To value those little daily routines that we had in our lives and to which we did not give the importance they deserved.

And this is how the most influential brands in the world, such as McDonald’s, let us know. With “Steal my fries” the American multinational celebrates the return to normality in its restaurants.

The McDonald’s commercial has been created by the Cossette agency in Canada and directed by Max Sherman. The idea is to celebrate that our friends steal potatoes from us again when we go to a McDonald’s restaurant. And they wanted to represent it in the style of a musical, in which the protagonist energetically asks his best friend to steal his french fries.

A small gesture that turns into a very powerful insight into what it means to be able to meet your friends again. Through the song and a style of musical theater they take this concept to a tone as ridiculous as it is fun that makes it impossible for the ad not to make you smile.

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