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The Stella Artois clothing line that encourages us to steal their glasses: “Steal Artois”

The agencies VML Chile and David New York have been in charge of the advertising campaign

Linea de ropa Stella Artois | Steal Artois

The Stella Artois clothing line encourages us to steal its characteristic chalice-shaped glasses from bars.

The Belgian beer brand Stella Artois is served in bars with a characteristic chalice-shaped glass. A glass that can only be found in establishments and that many consumers have stolen at some point.

The brand has taken advantage of this peculiar situation to carry out its advertising campaign. Nothing less than a clothing line to “help” consumers steal a glass of Stella Artois to take home.

“Steal Artois” is a play on words that plays on the similarity of “Stella” and “Steal” (“steal”) in English. It has been made by the agencies VML Chile and David Nueva York and produced by Rebolución.

The clothing line has been created especially for the campaign and consists of a parka, pants, a vest, a jacket or a bucket bag. The brand has created a site where you can see the garments and leave your details if anyone is interested.

These garments are specially designed to “facilitate” the theft of a Stella Artois glass in a bar. According to Camila Plass, Marketing Manager at AB INbev Chile: “At Stella Artois we are aware that the beauty of our glass has made it an iconic object of desire. We know that borrowing is a recognition of it, so we cannot “more than celebrating all these beauty lovers who couldn’t bear the temptation of enjoying a Stella perfectly served in a glass at home. This campaign is a tribute to all of them.”

For his part, Raimundo Undurraga, General Creative Director of VML Chile: “We are happy to celebrate those who have borrowed a Stella Artois chalice from a bar. Recognizing them as fans of the brand and inviting them to continue doing so in a playful and fresh way, in the style of Stella Artois.”

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