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Coca-Cola’s post-pandemic commercial: “The Great Meal”

Anuncio de Coca-Cola | The Great Meal

“The Great Meal” is Coca-Cola’s post-pandemic commercial that encourages us to celebrate the everyday things in life.

Coca-Cola’s advertising campaigns have always tended to be optimistic, to lift our spirits, to celebrate life. It could not be less during the pandemic, making one of the best announcements of the year with “For the human race” a song of hope just as they did in the fateful crisis that began in 2008.

Although some countries are doubling the famous curve, in others such as Brazil, the United States or India the situation is still out of control. That is why, while some countries dedicate their communication to the recovery of daily life, others are still on alert.

For everyone, Coca-Cola has launched its latest advertising campaign to encourage us to celebrate the little things that life gives us.

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“The Great Meal” is Coca-Cola’s post-pandemic ad. The ad make by the agency Anomaly shows us moments from day to day in the lives of people, families and friends. All forms of a new communication of the brand called “Together tastes better” and which aims to bring everyone together at a table to enjoy the company.

The ad was remotely recorded during the pandemic, showing 13 royal families, couples, and household partners spread across eight cities. The actress who puts the voice-over on Soleil Patterson.

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