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‘The Lunchbox’, the Norwegian ad that has excited social networks

‘The Lunchbox’ is a Norwegian advertisement that calls for more foster homes. This ad has excited social networks.

For ads like this we love advertising. Condensate a nice, tender and emotional story in a minute to impact on consumers. It is not easy to do the Budfir ad, the Norwegian NGO for Children, Youth and Family.

The Norwegian advertisement titled ‘The Lunchbox’ has excited social networks getting millions of views in just one week. The ad denounces malnutrition in society and calls for more shelter homes.

The Lunchbox - Spot emotivo

On a normal school day of a Norwegian boy the bell rings for a recess. All the companions take out their lunchbox to eat, but theirs is empty. Then ask to leave the class to walk around the aisles. When he returns to class his lunch box is full of food of his companions; Aware of their situation and sympathize with it.

A simple idea with brutal force to denounce child malnutrition and raise awareness of increasing foster homes in Norway.

Via | La Sexta



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