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“The ResignNATION” the country of workers who have resigned

Globant's campaign delves into the phenomenon of workers who have resigned in the USA

The Resignation | Anuncio de Globant

“The ResignNATION” is Globant’s response to the millions of workers who have resigned in the United States.

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed our priorities. But at all levels. It has made us think and reconsider our current life and if it is really what we want. A phenomenon that has spread in the United States, where nearly 60 million workers have left their jobs.

The motives? From lack of job opportunities, toxic environments or inability to reconcile family and work life. This is the argument of the new campaign of the technology company Globant in the United States. It presents “StarMeUp” a communication platform with employees to strengthen their ties with the company.

“The ResignNATION” is the title of the Globant campaign made by the Gut Buenos Aires agency. The premise is those 60 million workers who have left their jobs. It is more populated than Spain and Canada and could form a country on its own. Hence the pun on “Resignation” and “Nation”.

Globant’s advert is a two-minute video shot and edited in the style of a documentary. It collects data on the abandonment of work in the United States and its reasons: Lack of professional projection, difficulties in balancing family life, toxic work culture and lack of recognition.

According to Joaquín Cubría, General Creative Director of Gut Buenos Aires: “The campaign focuses on a real problem that exists in the United States. The Great Renunciation has been in the headlines for some time and the figures are surprising. Based on these statistics, we realized I realized that a smart way to connect with company managers could be to approach this crisis from a different perspective. The data speaks for itself, it just had to be translated into a language that everyone could understand.”

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