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The sound of Colgate: Can you capture optimism?

Identidad Sonora de Colgate

Colgate’s new sonic identity aims to capture optimism with “The Sound of Colgate”

Sound corporate identities are an element that few brands exploit. They are able to last in memory, thus granting a new way of connecting with the consumer. It is like the use of music in advertising, a very powerful tool that brands enhance with music that evoke sensations. It is not necessary to comment on the success of Estrella Damm in its mythical advertisement “Formentera” that changed the future of the brand and its summer campaigns.

But few brands dare to create a sound identity. They always subordinate it to the current advertising campaign, and few make it recognizable to the audience. If you think of the closing music for Coca-Cola commercials or McDonald’s commercials, you will instantly recognize it. Little cheerful notes to represent the brand.

“The Sound of Colgate” describes the creative process of the new sound identity of Colgate wants to accompany the smile of the imagotype. The multinational has worked with the creative music agency “Massive Music” in London and New York trying to recreate optimism. The brand wants to create a listening experience focused on optimism and represent its current positioning.

And it is not easy to represent the personality of a brand. For this, a modern and memorable sound has been sought, which reflects Colgate’s storytelling. The piece of music must also coexist in the different markets where the brand operates, have global appeal and relevance, as well as differentiate itself from the sector.

How to recreate the corporate identity of a brand

Como recrear la Identidad Sonora de Colgate

To try to recreate optimism in Colgate’s new audio identity, Massive Music has turned to science: “Since Colgate is a brand used by millions of people, we wanted their sonic brand to be culturally and regionally agnostic. Talking to some of the leading world experts on the subject, we discovered that certain types of humming are universally accepted as a human expression of well-being ”.

Massive Music opted for the key in D Major for the compositional basis, a key widely accepted as optimistic in nature, and a combination of feminine and masculine tones was chosen to ensure diversity with close, natural audio. According to Roscoe Williamson, Director of Creative Strategy at Massive Music London. “Working with a team of academics and psychologists, we were able to really decode the ingredients of upbeat music. The result is proving to be highly memorable and adaptable.”

On the brand’s side, Jared Richardson, Colgate Global Design Director: “They struck the perfect note with this project which is now very strategically valuable in our global marketing campaigns and we look forward to further developing this side of our brand.”

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