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Craig David creates an original song for Trainline advert

"Better Days" is the title of the song by the British R&B artist

Canción de Craig David | Anuncio de Trainline

The Trainline advert has featured the British artist who has composed an original theme for the campaign.

There are many brands that collaborate with artists to create exclusive themes for them. One of the latest examples has been the song made by Katy Perry for the JustEat advert in which she herself stars.

Now it is the online portal Trainline, dedicated to the sale of train and bus tickets, which has collaborated with the popular R&B artist Craig David for his latest advertising campaign.

“Better Days” is the title of Craig David’s song for the Trainline advert. A campaign carried out by the Mother London agency that highlights the environmental benefits of traveling by train.

Craig David’s song is supported by a spectacular animated video clip that shows us how the artist goes through different environments. Forests, mountains, rivers and other landscapes threatened by human beings. All to arrive at a “city of tomorrow”, one that is more responsible and sustainable.

According to Jo McClintock, Vice President of Brand at Trainline: “The change we need to tackle the climate emergency will only happen if companies do their bit to help people take steps towards more sustainable lifestyles; changing the way we we move is a key part of that transition.”

Omar El-Gammal, Strategy Director at Mother London: “Environmental scares are no longer effective, there is little point in making people feel worse about their actions without offering a positive alternative. This campaign sends a hopeful message about the impact that a simple change in behavior can have.”

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