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Twitter’s Christmas ad echoes the real John Lewis user

Twitter’s Christmas ad focuses on the user @JohnLewis, a man who lives in Virginia, United States

I do not think you need to talk about John Lewis. ThBritish department stores celebrates Christmas every year with a huge commercial. Such is the influence that is popularly known as Christmas does not begin until John Lewis releases his ad. Some campaigns that distill melancholy and fraternity made with great care.

These ads always generate a lot of noise in social networks. They become viral, people make comments and recommend them to their acquaintances. Music to the ears of the Marketing Department of John Lewis… a nightmare if your Twitter user is @JohnLewis.

Anuncio de navidad de Twitter - John Lewis

Under this premise, the Twitter’s Christmas ad is centered on the user under the nickname @JohnLewis. This person is the owner of the account since 2007 and lives in Virgina, United States. Each year he receives thousands of tweets like petitions, complaints or comments from confused people about British department stores. Last year he received about 50,000 tweets.

This would be more than enough reason for anyone to close the account or sell it to the brand, but John decided to take it with humor. He answers confused users but always under the hashtag #NotARetailStore fact that has earned him to become the hero of the sarcastic users of the social network.

For this reason, the Twitter’s Christmas ad has been celebrating its history with a spot shot in his own home in Blacksburg, Virginia. The ad is a small tribute to all of John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns; so we will see a telescope in honor of “The Man”, a Monty the penguin and Buster the Boxer.

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