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“Victory Swim”: Nike’s powerful commercial for its new swimsuits

Anuncio de Nike | Victory Swim

Nike presents its new line of swimsuits with “Victory Swim” a powerful commercial to empower women.

It is worthy of example what Nike is doing with its communication. It has found a line that allows it to continue growing as a brand without leaving behind its values. When it seemed that it had already peaked in the world of advertising, they surprised with “Air”. When they could not aspire to excel, they changed the pattern with the sponsorship of Colin Kaepernick and his stance against Trump. And in the midst of a pandemic they managed to launch one of the most brutal spots in recent years with “You Can’t Stop Us”.

Now they are taking another step in advertising excellence with their ad to present their new line of swimsuits. A series of women’s full coverage swimsuits and hijabs to make swimming more inclusive.

“Victory Swim” shows us a mother teaching her daughter to swim. When she kicks off to dive, we watch dozens of women dive to practice different water sports. Swimming, diving, surfing, rowing or just fun; all the places and sensations that you can experience when the little one learns to swim. In the end, when the little girl succeeds, the mother encourages her daughter with “Don’t stop now.” An exercise in female empowerment that gives you goosebumps.

We see among others, the national shirt of the United Arab Emirates Maha Al Ameri, the Paralympic swimmer Zainab Al-Eqabi or the triathlete Manal Rostom.

According to the brand: “As designers learned from athletes in various communities, they saw a lack of options for female athletes. Existing products lacked coverage or functionality, not worrying about personal best or if hijabs and covers remained in place.”

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