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Whiskas’ playlist on Spotify to calm the cats

Playlist de Whiskas en Spotify

Whiskas’ playlist on Spotify includes songs specially designed to soothe cats.

Playlist-based advertising campaigns on Spotify are becoming a trend among brands. Marketing and advertising strategies on Spotify give very good results, clear are the examples of Barilla or McDonalds playlists.

Now Whiskas has been the brand that has launched a playlist that will help us calm our cat. What have they been based on?

Whiskas’ playlist on Spotify has had the help of cellist David Teie. This musician is specialized in composing specific pieces for animals. He now he has created new themes thought to reduce stress in cats.

David Teie has worked with the Journal of Feline Medicine to scientifically prove the effectiveness of these songs and their impact on the mood of cats. According to the composer: “Cats hear sounds at different frequencies than humans, so we have created a piece of music that appeals to their unique audio range.”

Whiskas’ advertising campaign has been carried out by the Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO agency and consists of an animation piece directed by Bafta award winner Nina Grantz and created by animator Daniel Stankler.

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