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Zara’s commercial recreates everyday life when returning to the office

Bright Young Things has been the agency in charge of the campaign

Anuncio de Zara | Back to Work

Zara’s commercial is titled “Back to Work” and is one of the few audiovisual pieces in the fashion brand’s strategy.

Zara’s advertising strategy does not contemplate the creation of audiovisual pieces such as advertisements or advertising campaigns. It is not a brand that overwhelms with its advertisements as if its competing namesakes could do so. Even so, the whim of launching the occasional advertisement at specific times of the year is allowed.

This is the case of the campaign that we bring you, which wants to take advantage of the classic return of the holidays to present its new line of men’s clothing.

“Back to Work” is the title of the Zara commercial created by the agency Bright Young Things, produced by Prodn and directed by Jordan Hall. The campaign aims to address returning to work to present its new men’s clothing line and does so with a specific tone and approach.

The Zara commercial is shot on 35 mm film and places the scene in a classic elevator in an office block. In it we see the ordinary and boring return to work of a well-dressed young man and how he tries to access his plant. Little by little he finds other colleagues in situations that reflect the microworlds in these office blocks.

Despite being a contained piece, Zara’s commercial has touches of humor, drama and tension. The narrative allows the garments to be displayed in a natural way and to present the different models of this collection such as polo shirts, shirts, suits and shoes, among others.

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