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ABC for color blind from Canon for detect color blindness among children

ABC para daltonicos de Canon

The ABC for color blind from Canon is printed with the ink tests of Canon products.

We like it when brands use “empty processes” to carry out their advertising campaigns. This is the case of Canon’s alphabet, which has been used through the ink tests of the products of the Japanese brand.

Always, when we buy a printer, the first thing we must do is a nozzle test to calibrate colors, align the printheads and check the print quality. This supposes an expenditure of paper and ink, and for that reason Canon has wanted to turn this “empty process” into a useful alternative.

This is how this campaign in Brazil was born. Titled “ABC for colorblinds”, Canon has transformed ink tests into tools for detecting premature color blindness. And is that 8% of children in Brazil born with this alteration of genetic origin.

Canon have been based on the method of the Ishihara Letters, created in 1917. These consist of a series of cards containing circles of dots of different colors and sizes. These circles form a number that is only visible to those with normal vision. To carry out the project, they have collaborated with different art directors of the country of Rio de Janeiro to make more fun cards for children.

Thus, they have created an alphabet that hides the silhouette of different words and that make up the whole alphabet. These cards can be printed from the Creative Printing app of Canon printers, and they can also be used to perform the ink test on the machine and check that everything is properly calibrated.

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