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Adam Driver clones star in Squarespace Super Bowl commercial

Squarespace's teaser prepares us for the Super Bowl's big show

Clones de Adam Driver | Squarespace

Adam Driver clones star in the teaser for Squarespace, a mockumentary that will premiere at the Super Bowl.

It’s Super Bowl week to the delight of ad campaign lovers. The North American big show is preparing for the preview before the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs in Phoenix.

The LVII edition of the Super Bowl (or 57th edition according to Heinz) is leaving us with the first advertising campaigns, as is the case with the teaser for the online platform Squarespace. In it we will see how multiple clones of Adam Driver prepare for a shooting day.

“Backstage with Adam Driver” is the title of the Squarespace commercial warming up engines for the Super Bowl. The actor will star in an Super Bowl commercial again since in 2017 he starred in the one for Snickers chocolates.

Squarespace’s commercial for Super Bowl presents us with a “mockumentary” featuring multiple clones of Adam Driver in the brand’s casting to shoot the Super Bowl commercial. The teaser conducts an interview with the different alternative versions of the actor, who move around in a single environment, interacting with each other.

Adam Driver has made some amusing statements in keeping with the tone of the campaign: “I couldn’t be happier to do this commercial with Squarespace and for the Super Bowl. The cast alone was the reason to do this.”

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