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“Alphabet of Summer”, the colorful advertising campaign of Havaianas

The advertising campaign of Havaianas captures the essence of Brazil with “The Alphabet of Summer.

Havaianas advertising campaigns are always cheerful and colorful. The famous flip flops are a classic for summer and the company tries to capture those moments of beach and joy with friends.

For their latest advertising campaign they have proposed to explain to the world the spirit of Brazil. But Brazil is so rich and full of nuances that it is impossible to describe it only with an image or a word.

Campaña de publicidad de Havaianas

For this they have proposed to explain the spirit of Brazil with letters. This is how “The Alphabet Summer” was born, where each word will try to explain a bit of the essence of Brazil.

Created by Almap BBDO, the lyrics mix textures of the emblematic flip flops with different motives of the Brazilian summer. Creating intricate and colorful patterns to illustrate each letter of the alphabet.

These letters can compose words and form a design full of color very representative of the country of Rio. The campaign “The Alphabet Summer” will be used in all the stores of the brand and in their social networks.


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