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An advertising campaign by Nike starring the great athletes: Dream Crazier

Anuncio de Nike - Dream Crazier

Nike continues with its series of campaigns encompassed in the “Just Do it” with “Dream Crazier”, starring the great athletes.

Nike continues with its acclaimed series of campaigns encompassed in the slogan “Just Do it”. It marks 30 years of the famous tagline that changed the history of Nike and gave us some of the best nike ads in history. Now, after revolutionizing politics with “Dream Crazy” and vindicating the role of women in Mexico with “Together, unstoppable”; Nike returns with “Dream Crazier”, an ad starring only women.

The concept remains the same as 30 years ago, explaining the history of those athletes who have faced and overcome obstacles. Physical, psychological or sociological, getting to rewrite the history of sport and inspire new generations of athletes.

The voice of Serena Williams is the narrator of the story that accompanies the exploits of Simon Biles, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Chloe Kim, the swimmer Simone Manuel and soccer and basketball players.

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