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Apple’s Christmas commercial promotes its HomePod Mini

Anuncio Apple | Magic of Mini

“The Magic of Mini” is Apple’s Christmas commercial promoting its HomePod Mini.

It is not that Apple’s Christmas commercial has been made to wait, it is that the Christmas commercials have been advancing in recent years. The beginning of December marked the start and the bulk appeared two weeks before the festivities. Now everything has changed, the globalization of Black Friday as well as the need to advance Christmas shopping have forced brands to launch their Christmas campaigns in mid-November.

After the successful commercials of Coca-Cola, Amazon or Lotteries, it is the turn of another of the Christmas classics: Apple. And this year he wanted to promote his brand new product, aware that it could be a best seller this holiday season: The HomePod Mini.

“The Magic of Mini” is the ad created by Apple and the agency TBWA \ Media Arts Lab and starring rapper Tierra Whack. She comes home after a rough and gray day, but when she gets home her HomePod Mini adds a colorful, playful, mini version of herself to boost her mood.

The ad does not reach the level of effects of that fantastic “Welcome Home” but focuses on how music can improve our mood. “A little joy has never sounded so great” is the final slogan and Apple’s attempt to cheer us up on these dates.

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