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Here you will find the best Apple ads!

In the telling advertising we review the most current and original advertising campaigns. One of the brands that makes the best advertising campaigns of Apple. Here you will find an updated listing of the best Apple commercials of all time.

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  • Anuncio Airpods de Apple

    “Jump”, the refreshing commercial of the AirPods Pro

    The commercial of the AirPods Pro of Apple is a refreshing commercial titled “Jump” Little by little, Apple has been evolving its advertising campaigns. If before they focused on highlighting those benefits of the product to make your life easier,…

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  • Who created the Apple logo?

    Who created the Apple logo?

    We analyze the history of one of the most recognized logos in the world to find out who created the Apple logo. The Apple logo has become one of the most recognized logos worldwide. The company behind the apple icon…

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  • Anuncio Apple | Magic of Mini

    Apple’s Christmas commercial promotes its HomePod Mini

    “The Magic of Mini” is Apple’s Christmas commercial promoting its HomePod Mini. It is not that Apple’s Christmas commercial has been made to wait, it is that the Christmas commercials have been advancing in recent years. The beginning of December…

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  • Divertido anuncio de Apple | Over Sharing

    Apple’s funny advert about privacy: “Over Sharing”

    The funny Apple advert repeats tone and theme in its commitment to privacy. One of the hallmarks of the multinational has always been its commitment to the privacy of its products. It is one of the topics that most concerns…

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  • Apple | Creativity Goes On

    Apple’s Covid19 Commercial: “Creativity Goes On”

    Apple’s Covid19 Commercial encourages us to continue being creative at home. The Covid19 advances irretrievably and its arrival in the United States has forced companies to make a move in terms of marketing. The confinement and the #StayHome movement that…

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  • Anuncio de Navidad de Apple

    Apple’s Christmas commercial: “The Surprise”

    Apple’s Christmas commercial tells us a very real story in “The Surprise” December is approaching and the brands, at their own pace, are launching their Christmas campaigns. Now it is Apple’s turn that, after the animation short of last year,…

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  • Anuncio de Airpods de Apple

    The precious Apple commercial for Airpods: “Bounce”

    The Apple commercial for Airpods is a precious piece where we see the protagonist bouncing through the streets. There are times when Apple surprises us with their ads. They are usually of an impeccable technical bill and with an enviable…

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  • Marketing and Advertising strategy of Tesla

    The marketing and advertising strategy of Tesla

    How has Tesla come to be a reference without spending money on advertising? We are going to analyze the Marketing and Advertising strategy of Tesla. Tesla Motors is the pioneer company in the manufacture of electric cars. But, how has…

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  • Spot de Apple | Privacy Matters

    The funny Apple commercial in its commitment to privacy

     The Apple commercial tells us about their commitment to privacy in their devices. Apple is a company that has always taken privacy in its devices seriously. This has generated numerous problems with the authorities, such as the case of…

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  • TOP 10 Commercials of 2018

    Top 10 Commercials of 2018

    We analyzed what have been the top 10 commercials of 2018. The best advertising campaigns, viral campaigns and commercials that have been released in 2018. The year 2018 comes to an end and we have seen fantastic advertising campaigns. A complicated…

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  • Nike - Dream Crazy

    “Dream Crazy”, Nike continues its most controversial advertising campaign

     Nike launches the “Dream Crazy” ad and continues with its most controversial advertising campaign. We started the month with one of Nike’s most controversial advertising campaigns. Under the slogan “Believe in something, Even if it means sacrificing everything.” the…

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  • Great Female Graphic Designers: April Greiman

    Great Females Graphic Designers: April Greiman

    We review the history of April Greiman, a pioneer of computer graphic design in the late 70s. In the telling advertising agency we are passionate about knowing the history of the great female graphic designers of history. They are personalities…

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  • TOP 10 Best Apple Commercials

    Top 10 best Apple Commercials

    In telling, advertising agency we reviewed the 10 best Apple Commercials. From ‘1984’ to ‘Welcome home’. Apple commercials have always had something special. They are often inspiring, motivating, capable of transmitting feelings and occasionally “attacking” the competition in an ingenious…

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  • Lacoste changes its cocodrile logo for endangered species

     Lacoste changes its cocodrile logo to feature endangered species in limited edition collection. We like the new Lacoste proposal for this season. The French brand has launched a limited edition of its clothes changing the iconic cocodrile logo for…

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  • Great Females Graphic Designers: Deborah Sussman

    We review the history of the Great Female Graphic Designers: Deborah Sussman. We continue with our entries related to the great female graphic designers of history. We have reviewed the life of Susan Kare and her work in Apple and…

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