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Apple’s Christmas commercial: “The Surprise”

Apple’s Christmas commercial tells us a very real story in “The Surprise”

December is approaching and the brands, at their own pace, are launching their Christmas campaigns. Now it is Apple’s turn that, after the animation short of last year, delights us with a beautiful story that is surely very familiar to us.

Entitled “The surprise” Apple’s Christmas commercial tells the story of a family with two girls who are going to spend the holidays at their grandfather’s house. Thanks to a great storytelling, we managed to identify with those parents who always leave the iPad to the girls so they don’t fight.

The iPad serves as a thread for “The Surprise”. During the journey it is a tool to prevent the two sisters from fighting, but when they arrive at the grandfather’s house, the device becomes a tool to kill boredom.

Upon discovering old photos and videos of the grandfather, the girls decide to give him a very special gift by capturing family moments. “Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places” is the final message of Apple’s Christmas announcement.

As a curiosity, little girls are two sisters in real life and the announcement was recorded at their grandfather’s house in Vancouver, Canada. According to Adweek, the actors had not seen the presentation created on the iPad until the final scene was recorded.

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