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Apple’s commercial targeting the disabled: “The Greatest”

The campaign has been developed internally in Cupertino.

Anuncio de Apple | The Greatest

Apple’s commercial lists those features of its devices that help people with disabilities.

Apple has been focusing on the disabled for some time when developing its products and software. Each new product comes with features that make life easier for people with disabilities.

Now, for the International Day of Disabled Persons, it has launched a campaign in which it defines accessibility as a human right and details the capabilities of Apple products for it.

“The Greatest” is the title of Apple’s commercial to present the accessibility benefits of products created in Cupertino. It has been created in-house and focuses on showing how these benefits improve the lives of the disabled.

Thus, we see a blind pianist who is helped by the iPhone to recognize objects in his environment. A hard of hearing mother who is alerted by an Apple Watch that her child is crying. Object recognition, reading information from the environment, sound recognition and activating voice commands are some of the features on display.

All accompanied by the song “The Greatest” sung by the Australian musical collective Spinifex Gum and which has a spoken description of what is happening in the Apple ad.

The campaign was launched on the occasion of the International Day of Disabled Persons. This year is dedicated to transformative solutions for inclusive development and the role of innovation in creating a more accessible and equitable world.

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