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Axa commercial defines the risks of being a woman today

The agency Publicis Conseil has been the creator of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Axa | Ser mujer no debería ser ningún riesgo

“Being a woman shouldn’t be a risk” is the title of the Axa commercial that defines the problems that women experience in today’s society.

In terms of equality and feminism there is still a lot of work to do. Not only on a personal level but on a global scale. And it is that depending on each culture, the role that women have in today’s society continues to carry many stigmas from the past that hinder all stages of life.

The brands try to put their grain of sand to be able to influence future generations and little by little it is making its way. Dove’s commercials mark the way forward for brands looking to create change, like Axa’s new commercial.

Axa commercial: “Being a woman shouldn’t be a risk”

“Being a woman shouldn’t be a risk” is the title of the Axa commercial created by Publicis Conseil, produced by Grand Bazaar and directed by Madeline Clayton. The campaign defines the problems that a woman faces in her entire life for the mere fact of being one; and the piece shows different situations in women from all over the world.

Thus, we see how a little girl is repressed by her mother when she is playing the console with her brother; As a teenager, she feels overwhelmed by posturing on social networks or as a mother who suffers from abuse.

According to the brand, in a statement: “We try to focus on those who are unprotected and overexposed to risk. Women face multiple risks in fields such as health, business, sports and education. The campaign does not show women neither as victims nor as superwomen. It puts things in their place and invites us to think differently.”

The Axa commercial is part of a new global campaign by the brand, which will be developed over three years under the question: “Why does the future have to represent a risk?”

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