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The Best Audi Commercials

Best Audi Commercials

We analyze the five best Audi commercials throughout their history.

August Horch (1868-1951) couldn’t think that by 2021 the company he founded in 1899 would be one of the most acclaimed car brands in the world. At a time when Germany was at the forefront, August Horch was one of the pioneers of the automobile industry. Although it wasn’t until he lost the legal dispute over the name of his first company that he changed the name to Audi.

Audi is the Latin translation of the German word “Horch” and was the name of his new company: “Audi Automobilwerke”. In 1932 after various companies were founded to deal with the great depression, the “Auto Union AG” was born and the logo of the four interlocking rings was born as a symbol of the union of Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.

In 1933 it became the luxury car brand of the Nazi party together with Mercedes and the largest supplier of vehicles for the Wehrmacht (the Nazi army). Already in 1964 it was acquired by Volkswagen and moved the headquarters of this subsidiary to Ingolstadt. After creating numerous successful models, Audi’s legacy continues today in its advertising campaigns, undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed in recent times.

Vamos a repasar los cinco mejores anuncios de Audi en su historia.

5. Commander (2016)

Audi’s relationship and advertising has a special chapter with the Super Bowl. The German firm has a constant presence in the American show and its creatives prove it. This announcement that opens the list of best Audi ads was launched in 2016. In it we witness the life of a retired astronaut who has lost his illusion in life. It is not until his son shows up with the brand new Audi R8 V10 Plus and hands him the keys that the excitement and the will to live return to the commander.

4. 100 Years of Audi (2013)

In 2013 the German brand celebrated 100 years and did so with this emotional advertisement that served as a retrospective of Audi. With a brilliant narration of the poem “It Couldn’t Be Done” by Edgar Albert Guest and accompanied by historical images, the ad reviews the key moments of the brand. From the founding by August Horch to the creation of the Quattro system.

3. The King (2001)

In 2001 Audi blew up the market with its latest ad. And he did not do it precisely by selling cars, but by selling the Elvis doll that appeared as the protagonist on the car’s dashboard. Audi’s Elvis ad featured the innovative shifting technology called MultiTronic. It was one of the first ads to go viral despite the fact that the Internet was very nascent; and word of mouth led to an exaggerated demand for the Elvis dolls, which sold out for nothing.

2. The Chase (2009)

Audi’s adverts for the Super Bowl have always been super productions. In 2009 they featured the star Jason Statham, then star of the action movie “Transporter”. The Audi ad begins with Statham being chased in an old Mercedes. Suddenly we are transported to the 80s to carry out a similar chase in Miami Vice where he takes a BMW. In the 90s he stole a Lexus from a couple of grandparents and in 2009 he managed to escape thanks to the power of the Audi A6 and its supercharged engine. A spectacular ad with impeccable technical workmanship and a fun message for the competition.

1. Keychan (2006)

And we come to number 1, the best Audi commercial is “Keychan”. This advertising campaign won awards at the Cannes International Film Festival and was acclaimed for its simplicity and genius, proving that great ideas don’t need a large budget to implement.

Audi’s Keychan advert represents the brand’s 4 interlocking rings and does so in a very special way. The different key rings of the cars are hanging on the wall. The ad -without voiceover- asks us what are we looking for in a car? to start hanging keyrings from other brands. Are we looking for the design of a Fiat? The comfort of a Mercedes? The safety of a Volvo? Or the sportiness of a BMW? Later we see how the key rings form the Audi logo and ends with the question: Or are you looking for everything in one car?

A brilliant advertisement that positioned Audi as a benchmark in the world of advertising, since it did not belittle its competitors. Audi values the qualities of the other brands, compares them and in a very subtle way exposes the reasons for buying your car and not those of the competition.

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