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Top5: The Best Street Marketing Actions

Best Street Marketing Actions

Advertising outside the conventional medium. In our top’s five… the best street marketing actions.

New terms have been created in the world of advertising and marketing thanks to globalization. Terms related to actions that become viral around the world bringing the brand to a huge number of consumers that otherwise would be impossible to do.

We talk about Ambient and Street Marketing, advertising actions that consist of carrying out non-conventional marketing strategies, outside the natural environment. In the case of Ambient Marketing, we proceed to transform urban elements to draw attention of the pedestrians. On the other side the Street Marketing interrupts the routine of the place where it is realized and it invites the pedestrians to participate in the same one.

Always with the same pattern, a hidden camera format to record to the surprised consumers. Brands take advantage of the opportunity and put their best creatives to perform an action that will be remembered and becomes viral worldwide.

Let’s take a look to the 5 best street marketing actions.

Fun Theory – Volkswagen

In 2009 Volkswagen performed one of the first Street Marketing campaigns on the Stockholm subway. ‘The Fun Theory’ invited people to use the normal stairs rather than the mechanical ones, turning them into a fun piano. 66% more of the regular people chose to climb the normal stairs.

Coca-Cola – Happiness Machine

Coca-Cola’s Street Marketing campaigns related to their vending machines have always surprised us. But the first one was the one that caused the most impact.

Under the motto ‘Open Happiness’ Coca-Cola put a special drink machine at University of Queens coffee restaurant. This surprised all the students in the room. Later came more actions of Coca-Cola with his machine of happiness.

Tic Tac France

The actions of Street Marketing with actors involved are usually the most spectacular. This action carried out by Tic Tac in France managed to blush those passers-by who suffered the joke of the actors. They fell to the ground in chains when they detected the breath of the person.

TNT: Push to add Drama

One of the actions of Street Marketing that we liked the most. The TNT television station placed a button in the middle of a square in Belgium to surprise those passers-by who dared to push it.

Fashion Revolution – Vending Machine

While the first Street Marketing campaigns served to advertise a brand or a product; throughout these years have given the opportunity to many groups to show their message to the world and remove consciences. The vending machine that Fashion Revolution colocated in Berlin invited the consumer to buy shirts for only € 2.

Once they had inserted the 2€, a video showed the Bangladeshi women working 16 hours a day for only 13 euro cents an hour. The following message was devastating: Do you want to keep buying the shirt, or do you want to donate these 2 € in favor of the women of Bangladesh? Virtually all participants donated those 2 €.



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