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The funny Bouygues Telecom commercial for his mobile repair service

Anuncio de Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom’s commercial promotes its mobile repair service to the rhythm of Alicia Keys’s “Fallin”.

Bouygues Telecom advertising campaigns always have a special point. The French telecommunications company makes advertisements, such as that campaign with references to Netflix series or the beautiful friendship story between Max & Romain. Now he presents us with a fun advertising campaign promoting his mobile repair service.

In France, one in three people buy a new mobile when their current one breaks. The company, in a matter of environmental sustainability, wants to extend the useful life of the devices. And is that the extension reduces your carbon footprint by 30%.

Bouygues Telecom’s commercial touts its “Durable Smartphone Solutions” service which is inspired by recycling, exchange and repair ideas. Company subscribers will be able to use the discounted service for two years.

The spot narrates the life of a couple who meet when they try to grab a mobile phone before it falls to the ground. With an intelligent use of the camera we see the perspective from the same phone and the faces of panic every time it falls to the ground. The story continues to show small moments in the life of the couple and situations in which small daily blunders hit the phone on the ground.

The Bouygues Telecom commercial is set to the song “Fallin” by Ailcia Keys. According to the agency that has carried out the campaign: “There are times when a good movie grows thanks to perfect music. It happens rarely, but when it happens it is magical. And that is what was achieved with the Bouygues announcement, the song by Alicia Keys fits him like a glove ”.



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