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Budweiser sexist ads redesigned for Women’s Day

Anuncios Machistas de Budweiser

Budweiser sexist ads have been redesigned to mark Women’s Day.

Advertising has always been a true reflection of society. In it we can shed as it was lived in times past. Striking is the ads of the 50s and 60s where a society was represented where the woman was the housewife and the one that should serve the man.

With the passage of time this type of advertising has done more harm than good, as it has taken root in the collective thinking of society. The machismo that was established in the next generation is one of the great scourges to be eradicated. And the current advertising is already beginning to point in that direction: An egalitarian society where nobody is above others.

We have already seen clear examples such as the Billie’s ad, Barbie’s Dream Gap or the P & G campaign and the mental load. As well as that is doing an advertising that is dedicated to reimagining old ads as if they were made today. Artists like Eli Rezkallah have dedicated a series to changing sexist advertising.

Now it’s the turn of Budweiser, a century-old brand that has reinterpreted its old ads for women’s day. According to the brand: “The culture of our country has evolved over time and advertising should reflect it. That is why this year, in honor of International Women’s Day, we have reinterpreted our announcements from the past to better represent balance and empowerment. “

The initiative has had three female illustrators, Heather Landis, Nicole Evans and Dena Copper, to redesign the graphics that make up the campaign.

Anuncio Sexista de Budweiser Anuncio Sexista de Budweiser Anuncio Sexista de Budweiser

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