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Burger King’s marketing action at the end of the movie “IT”

Burger King’s marketing action charges against McDonald’s at the end of the movie “IT”.

“IT”, the new version of the movie starring by the clown Pennywise is rampaging at the box office. At the moment it has already become the highest grossing horror film in the United States. In addition, the adaptation of the popular novel of Stephen King is being everything a lode for the brands. There are many brands who have made original advertising campaigns like this one in Sydney.


But one of the most original is the Burger King’s marketing action at the end of the film. The action has taken place in Germany and the multinational has not missed the opportunity to attack its rival McDonald’s. Remember that it is not the first time that Burger King and McDonald’s are confronted using their advertising strategies.

Marketing de Burger King - IT

At the end of the movie “IT” just in the final credits, the following message was sent: “The moral is: Never trust a clown”. A clear attack without naming Ronald McDonald, the McDonald’s clown. The Burger King’s marketing action was realized during the premiere in a cinema of Germany.

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