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“Buy with your time”, Ikea allows us to use time as currency to pay

Compra con tu tiempo | Ikea

Ikea allows us to pay with our time in your Dubai store

If there is something other than the furniture that Ikea really does well, it is advertising. Each country has its own creative department collaborating with different advertising agencies. And the multinational center gives free rein to do all kinds of crazy things. So they achieves that different advertising campaigns are intertwined in short periods of time.

A covert race that only makes Ikea put on everyone’s lips. In the advertising agency telling we love this strategy and we already assessed in its day analyzing the best Ikea ads.

Now, from Ikea Qatar we have been surprised with a peculiar proposal: You can pay with the time it takes to get to the center.

“Buy with your time” is the great initiative of Ikea in Dubai. The centers of the Swedish multinational are often far from the center of the towns. That is why customers often make long journeys to buy in stores. To compensate for this trip, Ikea offered to all those who moved to exchange “time” for “money”.

To do this, they used Google Maps Timeline, a function of the app that records past routes. That way, customers can show how long it took to get to the store. Ikea changed the labels and put the price on “time.” Thus a Billy bookcase could be bought for 1 hour and 55 minutes and a Hattefjäll chair for 9 hours and 25 minutes.

“Buy with time” from Ikea is an original way to encourage consumers to travel to Ikea stores. The action has been developed by Memac Ogilvy Dubai.

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