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Hide Cadbury’s Eggs on Google with “Cadbury Worldwide Hide”

Cadbury's WorldWide Hide

Cadbury’s original initiative allows us to virtually hide easter eggs on Google Maps with “Cadbury Worldwide Hide”

Easter is lived differently in England. Easter Sunday is the most important day of Holy Week, the celebration after the 40 days of Lent are over. It begins with Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Monday.

The Bunny Eater and Easter eggs are the most representative symbols of these days. Legend has it that a poor woman could not give her children sweets and one day she laid decorated eggs in the garden. When the children found them, they saw a rabbit and believed that it was the one who had left the eggs. Hence the tradition of hiding decorated chocolate eggs in the gardens.

One of the quintessential brands of Easter eggs is Cadbury’s, which wants, despite the confinement, that we enjoy hiding Easter eggs virtually. And it has done so with an original initiative called “Cadbury Worldwide Hide”, which allows us to hide Easter eggs on Google Maps.

“Cadbury Worldwide Hide” allows us to “hide” an egg anywhere on Google Maps. Then we must send a clue to those people we want to help find them. As a reward, people are offered to buy that egg as a reward.

The virtual search platform has been created by VCCP and aims to connect people across the UK with the power of generosity. The campaign includes advertisements on television, online and outdoor advertising.

According to Markéta Kristlová, Easter U.K. Senior Brand Manager, Mondelez International: “This year, we felt it was important for us to create something that helps people feel close, even when they can’t be together. There is something very generous about taking the time to hide an egg at Easter, and we wanted to capture that in a way that everyone could. ”

Mark Sweatman, VCCP CTO added: “We developed a scalable cloud platform that ensures a seamless user experience. In an age where travel is severely restricted, we hope this will allow audiences a bit of nostalgia and escapism, while showing that they care. “

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