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Coca-Cola’s challenge on TikTok in Augmented Reality

Challenge de Coca-Cola | Unreal Dancers

The Coca-Cola challenge for TikTok uses augmented reality so you can move with a digital dancer.

The TikTok fever is sweeping the world. Many brands use TikTok in their marketing and advertising strategies to reach a young audience, and Coca-Cola is one of the most active.

The slogan of the American multinational “Open Happiness” fits like a glove in the happiness and joy that is experienced in the social network. To do this, he has created a series of dance challenges that you can do accompanied by a 3D dancer.

“Unreal Dancers” is the title of the Coca-Cola challenge for TikTok they have held in Bulgaria. They first did the 3D construction of the protagonists, taking inspiration from the singer Mihaela Fileva and the vlogger Emil Conrad. They then captured the dance moves of top Bulgarian talents and passed them on to the dancers.

Various opis were placed throughout the city with a QR code that allowed you to access the challenge. In total, 8 unique dances that encouraged you to dance in front of the phone and next to the dancer of your choice. The Augmented Reality application allowed you to take screenshots as well as video recordings to upload them to TikTok.

The action was developed by RoboLab and the “AR Unreal Dance Challenge” became a success, with dances choreographed and integrated with the dancers in 3D.



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