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The growth of TikTok, the most used social network

Crecimiento de TikTok

The growth of TikTok in 2020 is unstoppable, it has been the most used social network.

During lockdown, internet and social media consumption skyrocketed. The vast majority of people killed boredom by connecting to social networks, but without a doubt there is one that swept the competition: TikTok.

At the telling advertising agency we saw the boom and put together a series of tips on TikTok to help the uninitiated. It also led to a free ebook that you can download here and find out everything about TikTok.

When taking stock of the year, the “State of Mobile 2021” report indicates TikTok as the social network with the highest growth in terms of user activity in 2020.

Crecimiento de TikTok en 2020

The report was made by the app analytics company “App Annie”. Of the 16 countries analyzed, monthly TikTok consumption doubled compared to 2019, growing by 94.1%. The other social networks had a growth of 11% in the same period.

The region where TikTok has grown the most has been Indonesia, with a percentage of 331%. Followed by Russia with 211% and Mexico with 139%. In these countries the growth of Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp is 11%.

TikTok has also become the social network with the highest user activity, replacing Facebook in Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The rise of brands in using marketing and advertising strategies on TikTok is also confirmed, given the growth of the user database and making large investments in 2021. 44% of the brands consulted plan to increase their spending on TikTok in 2021 , becoming the fourth platform with the highest demand, ahead of Facebook.

An unstoppable success of a social network that has penetrated strongly among users. The question is how far will it go?



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