“Bellas (P)artes” Dove’s campaign reinterprets great works

Dove’s campaign reinterprets great pictorial works with real women’s bodies. Dove is undoubtedly the brand that has been trying the longest and best to make real beauty representative in all media. Whether in the world of advertising, media or gaming,…

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Best Commercials of 2023

Netflix’s strategy on TikTok: “User Generated Action Scenes”

Netflix’s strategy on TikTok that allows users to unleash their imagination with clips from their movies. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat the enemy, join him. And it is that the irruption of TikTok in our lives has…

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“Triangle Tracker” the Doritos campaign on TikTok and Snapchat

Doritos’ “Triangle Tracker” engaged 4 million people on social media. When it comes to brainstorming ad strategies for TikTok, SnapChat, and the new social media, creatives have a blank canvas to paint. More and more brands dare to carry out…

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Dove’s campaign against beauty filters on TikTok

Dove’s campaign is a call not to use TikTok’s popular “Bold Glamour” filter that distorts real beauty. Filters in applications such as TikTok or Instagram are being the center of debate when we talk about low self-esteem and the use…

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Mejores consejos para triunfar en TikTok

How to add filters to TikTok

Give it a special touch by adding filters to your TikTok videos. We teach you how to do it. Tiktok is standing out as the most used platforms among the young public. And it is that natural evolution is making…

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Mejores Anuncios de 2021

Coca-Cola’s challenge on TikTok in Augmented Reality

The Coca-Cola challenge for TikTok uses augmented reality so you can move with a digital dancer. The TikTok fever is sweeping the world. Many brands use TikTok in their marketing and advertising strategies to reach a young audience, and Coca-Cola…

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TikTok’s commercial for the Euro 2020: “Where fans play”

TikTok’s commercial for the Euro 2020 is a fun overlay of real images with videos from the app. In the wake of the pandemic, TikTok usage grew exponentially around the world. What was once a net for pre-teens doing dances…

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Redes Sociales

Marketing and advertising strategies on TikTok

Marketing and advertising on TikTok, we teach you how to start and reach your audience on the fashion social network. [ACTUALIZACIÓN] If you are already an expert “TikToker” or you already know the social network, we recommend you read our…

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