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“Cocaine Routes” brings you the cocaine with a personalized video

“Cocaine Routes” by Narcos allows us to create a personalized route to deliver the cocaine to our home.

Narcos Mexico is the popular continuation of the series that in its first two seasons was starring Pablo Escobar. Before there was a breake where they explained to us the investigations of Carlos Peña and the Cali Cartel, heir of the Escobar empire.

In his day, Netflix risked with the advertising campaign of Narcos. An aggressive and innovative marketing campaign that allowed them to flood social networks with positive comments about the series. And it was the kick-off to Netflix’s advertising and marketing strategy, which he then applied to his other products, playing with the message and the medium.

To promote the phenomenon “Narcos” have created a website called “Cocaine Routes”. When we enter our location, the algorithm creates a personalized video mixing different scenes of all seasons of Narcos. By connecting in real time with Google Maps, it combines images from satellites and Street View. Combining these elements calculates the best route to deliver the merchandise to your location either by land, sea or air.

An immersive and personalized experience that has won him numerous awards for websites.

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