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The consecration of esports in advertising

Consagración de los eSports en la publicidad

The figures in the latest live events bluntly close any doubt about eSports.

eSports are already a reality. And they have burst into force to change the rules of advertising and marketing. The latest events related to video games have yielded some dizzying numbers that all brands must take into account.

The Fortnite World Cup held in New York, the FIFA eWorld Cup in London and the famous EVO in Las Vegas are the standards of the new fashion trend. The eSports arrive strongly and brands must take advantage of their popularity to reach a young and very prepared audience.

In his day we talked about how eSports can be an opportunity for brands and how Fortnite is a turning point in advertising and marketing. Now we are going to see their evolution and how they are breaking audience records.

The Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup

The data of Fortnite World Cup are spectacular: More than 100 million dollars in prizes, 60 million spectators in streaming and a crowded stadium through which 80,000 people spent the weekend of the event.

The winner in solo mode was Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, (16 years old) who pocketed 3 million$ . But who has made the leap to news from around the world has been the 13-year-old Thiago ‘K1ng’ Lapp who won 900,000$ . The average age of the classified players has been 15 years.

The audiences that the Fortnite World Cup has moved are overwhelming: 62 million views on the official Fortnite channel on Twitch and more than 150,000 in the previous events of the tournament. To all this we need to add all the streamings made by the most famous Youtubers. Taking into account that Fortnite went on sale two years ago and that it already gathers half of the audience that a SuperBowl, we realize its current power and future projection.

The brands that have been present in the Fortnite World Cup have been GrubHub and Wix, which have sponsored some teams during this competition. In addition, GrubHub works with YUM Brands, owners of Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut and EpicGames to integrate their brand into the game.

Fifa eWorld Cup

Esports FIFA eWorld Cup

If there is any other game that rivals Fortnite that is FIFA. The most popular football game has dedicated its most competitive aspect to leave us a spectacular event where the best meet: The Fifa eWorld Cup.

With more than 250,000$ in prizes, classified players have had to play a demanding series in each country. Under the FIFA brand, in our country we have the Virtual LaLiga eSports with prizes of 30,000€ for the winner.

The vast majority of football teams have their division in eSports. Manchester City, PSG, Ajax or Shalke 04 are some of the clubs internationally. In our country, Sevilla, Betis, Valencia, Espanyol or Eibar are the most representative while others begin to think seriously about creating eSports divisions.

FIFA en Twitch

And it is that every year, FIFA is placed in the first positions of diffusion in Twitch, with more than 2,500 million hours of the game that is seen by more than 800,000 people a year. A safe value

Evolution Championship Series (EVO)

Esports - EVO

Before the eSports became professional, the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) was the banner of the community. Held in Las Vegas, the EVO is a multi-game championship where more than 10,000 people sign up. This year they have been able to celebrate championships of games as diverse as Tekken 7, Street Fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ or Super Smash Bros.

The EVO has been growing in popularity since it made its first edition in 2002. The three days of the event throw a spectacular audience. Of the 20,000 recurring spectators on Friday, we went to more than 160,000 with 270,000 peaks on Sunday, the day of the finals.

Although each editor has been creating their own championships, the EVO community is faithful and loyal, and always shows very constant visualization data.

eSports and brands

Brands should start betting on Twitch in their marketing plans. An industry that moves more than 1.6 billion euros in our country and reaches more than 4 million people. This consumer profile usually has an average age of 19-20 years and are sensitized to health and food. An audience with which brands are having a hard time connecting, using influencers or streamers to get their message across.

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