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Corona Match of Ages summarizes 70 years in a single match

Corona | Match of Ages

Corona’s “Match of Ages” summarizes 70 years of the Mexican classic in a single soccer game.

Editing in the world of cinema, advertising and any video is an essential part of making the product as round as possible. Thanks to the magic of editing, audiovisual content can surprise us in a thousand ways. And even though we thought we had seen it all, there is always room for surprise.

This is the case of this Corona marketing campaign, which has managed to condense 70 years of images of football matches into one … and ensure that it has all the credibility in the world.

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Due to the pandemic and the shutdown of any sporting activity, sponsors have had to find increasingly creative ways to entertain fans. One of the most original forms has been the one that Corona has made with “Match of Ages”.

Basically they have summed up 70 years of the biggest soccer game in Mexico: the classic between two of the country’s biggest clubs: América vs. Chivas. And they have made it a solo with the best moments during this time.

The 90-minute match was edited after analyzing 50 matches and over 75 hours of footage. It has had a team of more than 20 editors led by Diego Panich and director Jorge Malpica. They have had the help of ex-players to identify the best moments.

The match was broadcast live on Televisa, Facebook and YouTube.

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