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Decathlon’s christmas commercial is an emotional ode to life

The Ogilvy agency has been in charge of the Christmas campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Decathlon

Decathlon’s Christmas commercial is an emotional story of life with a bicycle as the common thread.

This year’s Christmas commercials are standing out for offering small everyday stories with which we can feel identified. Suchard’s Christmas commercial reminded us of loved ones we have lost and John Lewis’s reminded us of the need to learn new things in the face of a challenge.

But none has been able to capture the essence of life like the Decathlon Christmas commercial. An emotional story of life around a bicycle that has become one of the best campaigns of the year.

“Gifts that accompany you for a lifetime” is the title of Decathlon’s Christmas commercial. It has been made by the Ogilvy agency and produced by Primo. The piece places us in a Christmas 30 years ago in which a little girl receives a bicycle as a Christmas present.

Then begins a succession of images in which we accompany the girl as she grows older. And always with the bike as the central axis of her activities and relationships. Little by little we are building a life story that ends where we started, the protagonist giving her daughter another bicycle for Christmas. All to the rhythm of a version of the song “Il Mondo” sung by Valeria Castro.

According to Félix Carral and José Izaguirre, creative directors of Ogilvy Madrid: “When they give you a bicycle or a ball, they are giving you the love of sport. And with it, a passion that will probably accompany you throughout your life. That’s what this story is about. , of a cycle that repeats itself, with its joys and its sorrows and that is passed from parents to children.”

Lorena Lara, Decathlon content leader in Spain for her part: “Sport has the power to positively transform our day to day, and with this campaign we want to value the important role that sport plays in our lives and as a A simple gift can become a passion and stay with you forever.”

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